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Announced on Thursday, Jul 11th, 2013
Posted by Cliff Dugas
We appreciate your patience as we renew the website information.

2013 Board Members
Announced on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
Posted by Cliff Dugas

             PRESIDENT                               John Campbell 

             VICE PRESIDENT                       Jerry Fisher  

             SECRETARY                              Cliff Dugas 

             TREASURER                              Larry Campo

             MEMBERSHIP                            Larry Campo 

NEIGHBORHOOD PROPERTIES                 Jay Rose, John Braun 

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES                               Al Tomsic

NEWSLETTER                                        Percy Courseault, Jr.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                        Louis (LJ) Deris

Carroll Knowles, Margo Necaise, Kathy McDowell and Jerry Fisher will serve on the Covenants Committee.  Debbie Maehler will assist with Neighborhood Watch and the website. 

Any board member may be reached by Email at  Specify the member's name and the Email will be forwarded to them.